The deadline for nominations for the vacant positions of RIPE chair and RIPE vice chair is approaching at the end of the month (there's still time to nominate someone!) and so the main work of the RIPE nomcom is about to begin. Once the nominations close we will begin the process of reaching out to the community and interviewing the nominees to help us make the best possible decisions.

Each of us on the nomcom has our own background, our own work history and our own sense of what RIPE means to us. But we are not just making a decision for ourselves; our job is to represent the whole community and make choices based on what the community thinks is important.

We'd like to hear from you!

Whether you've been to one RIPE meeting or every RIPE meeting, you have an important perspective to share about what "community" means for you. The people the nomcom select will lead that community, they will represent us and directly or indirectly they will shape how we work and grow together this year and into the future.

In a normal year we would have the opportunity not just to reach out to people over the Internet but to talk directly over a microphone or a beer in Berlin. This is not a normal year, however, and so we need even more than we were expecting to hear peoples' opinions and views by electronic means. So please get in touch!

You can reach the whole nomcom team by e-mail at, and you can also relay your thoughts through individual nomcom volunteers directly through whatever method best suits you and ask them to send them on.

Let us know the important qualities you think a RIPE chair and vice-chair should have, and help us make the best decision we can.