Greetings everybody! This is Dmytro Kohmanyuk and this is my first report with NomCom news.

First, I would like to remind you that nomination period is closed, we have four candidates (their names are here), and we are publishing their personal statements on this blog, as soon as they would send them to us.  There are two of them posted already. Check them out.

Second, there is very important part that you all can do to help us with best decisions in selecting a chair and vice-chair for RIPE community;  you can talk to us and give any specific feedback, general comments, suggestions, or criticism by several methods, as outlined below.

The most traditional is email, and there is a general mailing address for all of NomCom members, as well as for individual members (for example mine is and you can construct them for all others, according to their usernames).  Some members posted additional contact details.

Then, during our virtual RIPE80 meeting in Berlin (see draft agenda), there would be a report about our progress so far, and you can give feedback and ask questions right there at the plenary (check schedule for exact time). As of now, it is Thursday afternoon, during community plenary.

Same week, there would be a virtual NomCom office where you can make an appointment to discuss things in more interactive fashion, and to schedule those meeting sessions individually.  We can also use modern secure messaging tools (like Signal), and good old telephone call if needed.

The feedback period does not stop until we select two of nominees. Please tell us what you think, and thanks for your attention so far. See and hear you all in less than two weeks!