Before and during RIPE 80 there were calls for the NomCom to halt the process and calls to re-open the call for nominations. See the archives of the ripe-chair-discuss and ripe mailing lists . The NomCom has listened carefully to these discussions and decided in its 5th meeting to postpone candidate selection and seek community support for continuing the process before proceeding. After further consultation within the NomCom I have published this request on 25 May.

The NomCom pondered the whole community discussion again in its 6th meeting and decided unanimously to continue with candidate selection at the next meeting.

Last Friday the NomCom has re-affirmed this decision at its 7th meeting and started with candidate selection.

The NomCom stresses that it has carefully addressed all suggestions made during the discussions and that it has not taken its decisions lightly or without regard to what has been said. We considered all input as well as the current circumstances and concluded that there is no consensus in the community to deviate pragmatically from the agreed process as it is codified in ripe-727 and ripe-728.

Now that we have made the decision according to our mandate and the process agreed by the community before, we ask the community to unite and support us in our effort.