The NomCom provides the opportunity to all Nominees to publish a blog post here. I post this on behalf of Niall.

I was surprised to be contacted last month (March 2020) by a friend who is a long-standing member of the RIPE community, and asked to allow myself to be nominated for consideration as a possible Chair or Vice Chair of RIPE. After some thought, I realized that this friend and the members of the RIPE NomCom were probably better able to assess my suitability for either position than I was, and agreed.

For transparency, I should mention that this friend was not one of the other nominees, and that I have not nominated any of them either.

If chosen to be part of the RIPE Chair Team, I expect to spend very much of my time listening so as to be best prepared to represent the RIPE community.

Subject to correction through this listening process, I expect the following to be among the priorities:

  • identifying potential participant groups who are currently not represented in the RIPE community;
  • addressing opportunities and challenges from national and supra-national authorities, as well as from proliferating and emerging technologies, such as IoT and "New IP".

I look forward to the outcome, whatever it may be, of the RIPE NomCom's work, and am sure that their recommendation will be a good one for the RIPE community.

Short Bio

Involved in RIPE since RIPE3 (Jan 1990)

Experience as Chair or Co-Chair in two no-longer-active RIPE Working Groups:

TLD (1997 — 1999) and ENUM (2005 — 2012)

Ran IE domain registry until 1999 and worked with counterparts in other registries to set up CENTR, successor to RIPE TLD WG.

Retired from University College Dublin IT Services in 2014, where I had been responsible for network infrastructure, including planning the introduction of IPv6.

Currently active part-time in Tolerant Networks Ltd.