The NomCom provides the opportunity to all Nominees to publish a blog post here. I post this on behalf of Filiz.

Dear RIPE Community,

I am writing this to explain my intentions and interest to the position as I accepted the nomination.

To me, RIPE is an institution. It brings many interested parties together, facilitating an environment where experiences can be shared, lessons can be learned, brain storming sessions can happen so that Internet can continue positively evolving. It also represents a platform to me where we can discuss “for the good of the Internet” things, as Internet becomes more and more of a utility.

I found about RIPE back in the late 1990s, soon after I found out about Internet. I was not only fascinated with the technology but with this notion of community around it.

Over the years as I got more involved, I’ve learned about consensus, how it could be achieved even in groups of conflicting interests and how best practices could be set.

I’ve learned examples of self-regulation, self-governance, how technology related to policy and how technological aspects shaped operational matters and how all these scaled together, or at times how they did not.

I’ve observed how interested parties kept learning from each other, how commercial rivalry could be put aside when groups worked and agreed around common goals to facilitate developments in the overall eco-system.

I joined the RIPE NCC in 2001 and got the opportunity to be part of this Community closely. I first worked in Registration Services, gave training courses including Routing and DNSSEC and after that I worked as the Policy Development Officer and focused on liaison and conflict resolution across Community, Board and Staff.

This position gave me the opportunity to help shaping of the RIPE Policy Development Process, working closely with the RIPE Chair, the WG Chairs Collective and especially Address Policy WG Chairs. During this time, I also brought in the concept of “Impact Analysis” that helped community making more informed decisions as they discussed policy proposals.

After almost 10 years with the RIPE NCC, I took on a position at ICANN as Senior Director, Participation and Engagement. My job was to improve participation and engagement efforts of ICANN and it required liaison and consensus building between ICANN Board, Staff and Community again. Bringing my experiences from RIPE NCC and RIPE, I helped ICANN formalising a better functioning Policy Development Process, developed a Newcomers and a Remote Participation Programme, helped founding of the ICANN Academy Leadership programme, working with the ICANN Board and ICANN Community together. I remember Rob Blokzijl saying “I hear you started a Newcomers programme at ICANN” with a smile on his face.

In the later years I’ve worked for a CDN and I found the opportunity of increasing my peering industry knowledge as well as the operational and business aspects of networking in depth.

Today I work as an independent consultant and provide services to organisations that I believe are engaged also with activities towards the good of the Internet or those that support its evolution positively.

One other thing I learned from RIPE was that volunteering is in the heart of a community. I’ve served on RIPE Program Committee, Accountability Task Force and I continue serving at ICANN ASO AC as a member from the RIPE NCC Service Region.

I am a member of the Ethics Committee at the System & Network Engineering Masters Programme of University of Amsterdam, I gave colloquia talks at the same university for many years, preaching RIPE to students and how they can participate, I helped in founding of the ISOC Turkey Chapter and served as a Member of United Nations Multistakeholder Advisory Group of the Internet Governance Forum.

In short, I lived and breathed RIPE in the last 20+ years. It shaped some of my core values and helped me help others. I’ve collected many memories and made friends in this Community.

I hold a Master of Science degree in Cognitive Science and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the Middle East Technical University.

I am at my best when I bring people together to help solving complex problems. I relate to both technical and non-technical, for and not-for profit and I can lead directly or indirectly. I like bridging people, networks, policy, business and technology for a progressive and sustainable Internet.

I have developed strong negotiation, consensus building and leadership skills and gotten very used to working in diverse, multi-stakeholder and volunteering environments with conflicting interests.

I hold a friendly, open-minded and diplomatic attitude and I listen actively. I’m also not afraid saying what I think is right, staying truthful to my values.

I believe I have a good mix of professional work and volunteering history, including operational, engagement and leadership roles. These helped me build a deep knowledge of our industry and community, that I believe will add value in the execution of this role.

My values are aligned with RIPE’s and I want to give back by serving the community in this capacity.

If I am selected, I would make the following broad areas my main focus, given support from the RIPE Community:

  • Inclusion: Keeping new members engaged and keeping our community truly diverse is not only the right thing to do but it will also help our Community staying relevant in the coming years. Diverse subject matters with their diverse experts should feel welcome and included in our community.
  • Facilitation of engagement: RIPE Community can benefit from timely stock-taking exercises about high-level topics. I would seek helpful ways of bringing such topics to the attention of RIPE Community. This will enable us to channel our collective views effectively when it is relevant and necessary such as NewIP developments.
  • Alignment of our values with our processes: Some of our processes can benefit from better alignment with our core values in their documented form. I would seek opportunities to work towards filling such gaps further. Having regular reviews based on community feedback can help in this area.

Many thanks for reading!